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Belly Dance Instruction for Pregnant Women

Belly Dancer - Dance of the Womb

Maha al Musa’s 2-disc DVD, Dance of the Womb: A Gentle Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth is a world-class instructional video set that will empower you to reduce pregnancy pain and labor pain by learning and practicing a natural birth and pregnancy dance (belly dance for birth).

From Australia to the US, Canada and Europe

Reviews and endorsements originated in Australia where the instructor, Maha al Musa, wrote the book and first produced the original, single-disc DVD. News about the benefits of belly dance during pregnancy, and also about the quality and effectiveness of Maha's unique training techniques and teaching ability is spreading across the United States, Canada and Europe. Positive reviews from obstetricians, doulas and other birthing professionals are accumulating, as are testimonials from women who have benefited from Maha's video.

Natural Birth and Less Pain During Pregnancy and Labor

Pregnant women are seeking a drug-free approach to limit pain during pregnancy, labor and birthing. Expectant mothers in the United States and other Western countries are recognizing the limitations of contemporary Western medicine to provide a natural birth experience that is safe, comfortable and healthy for mothers and their unborn babies. Each day, more women are discovering the remarkable benefits of belly dance as they seek a natural birth method and drug-free techniques to avoid or limit pregnancy discomfort and labor pain,

Women who have previously experienced back pain, hip pain, or leg discomfort during pregnancy report that Dance of the Womb stretches, warm ups and belly dance movements really work. Practicing the stretches and toning exercises alleviates their pain more quickly and thoroughly than anything else they have tried. Maha al Musa's belly dance tutorial provides a traditional and natural method to relieve pregnancy pain that is safer and more effective for you and your baby than pain medications and other drugs associated with contemporary Western medicine.

Why Dance of the Womb Is Highly Endorsed and Recommended

To reap the full benefits of belly dance for pregnancy and birth, it is important to learn and practice the stretches and dance movements correctly. Maha al Musa is a gifted teacher. Her high-quality video (DVD set) is professionally produced. Following Maha's guidance is easy, safe and effective. She encourages you to tap a force within you while providing guidance on when and how to use each movement for maximum benefit. As you watch and practice, Maha's gentle voice empowers you as a woman, while reinforcing your feminity and natural grace. Most women agree Maha's unique teaching style is a transformative experience -- emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Reduced Shipping Fees for US, Canada, and Europe

At BirthAdventure.com, exclusive US distributor for Dance of the Womb, we recognized that shipping directly from Australia was expensive for customers in North America and Europe. Now we ship from the United States with your choice of affordable shipping options.

Two-disc Set Is Easier to Use

We also wanted to make the instructional DVD easier to use so we separated the content of Maha's original DVD into a two-disc set for the US, Canadian and European markets. 

DVD Set Formatted for US (International Format)

BirthAdventure's easy-to-use two-disc set is produced in international format for viewing in the US, Canada and Europe.

Where To Buy Dance of the Womb

If you live in Europe or North America, we provide two options to purchase the Dance of the Womb DVD set. You can purchase from us on this website or through Amazon.com. If you wish to retail our DVD set in your store, please visit the Wholesale link in our bottom menu.

Dance of the Womb -- Teaches Birth Dance

Maha al Musa’s 2-disc DVD, Dance of the Womb: A Gentle Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth, presents belly dance in its most original form: a birth dance to tone the pelvic muscles in preparation for the challenge of giving birth. Maha teaches you how to use the movements of this traditional dance to soothe and center you through labor. You also will learn active birthing techniques that enable you to actively bring your baby into the world. Practiced correctly under Maha's patient guidance, you will strengthen your birthing muscles, while toning your back, hips, abdomen and legs. As your strength and flexibility increase, you can expect less back pain, and reduced leg and hip pain during your pregnancy. And you will feel the satisfaction that arises from knowing you are protecting yourself and your unborn baby by practicing an active, natural birth method used successfully for centuries.

Dance of the Womb DVD Set -- Disc One of Two

Disc One contains a 45-minute warm-up that includes pelvic floor exercises, targeted stretching and positions that reduce labor pain and enable active birth. Following the warm-up are six dance chapters that teach you specific movements, as well as how and why to use each movement when you are in labor. Maha’s instruction is clear and gentle. The music is beautiful and meditative. The reminders to center and connect with your baby and your self will relax you and melt away your tension.

Experience Maha's teaching for yourself in this Dance of the Womb, Disc One excerpt, or watch the Dance of the Womb trailer.

Dance of the Womb DVD Set -- Disc Two of Two

Disc Two includes a beautifully filmed 50-minute documentary of Maha’s natural homebirth at the age of 46, demonstrating belly dance in practice during labor. Two midwives discuss the benefits of these techniques with Maha for both mother and baby’s wellbeing. This film is a wonderful demonstration of how to use belly dance to aid and ease your own labor. Most women find it profoundly moving and encouraging to watch a natural birth unfold so smoothly and safely, as the mother (Maha) exhibits remarkable inner strength and peace. Disc Two also includes an inspiring dance video of Maha, dancing with effortless grace when she is 34 weeks pregnant.

DVD Details

  • Run time: 164 minutes
  • Region: All regions
  • Producers: Red Polar Pictures in association with Bellydancebirth® Productions

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