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BirthAdventure was born out of the desire to share the tools I found most useful during my own pregnancy.  Some of these were recommended to me by friends and midwives, and others I stumbled across while searching for something entirely different. 

Maha al Musa's Dance of the Womb DVD was the greatest of these inspirations.  I had heard that belly dance was beneficial during pregnancy, and because I was experiencing a great deal of back pain, I thought it might help strengthen and tone the muscles that were being taxed so severely.  After purchasing several prenatal belly dance DVDs on Amazon and being disappointed each time, I came across a small review of Maha's teaching in Mothering magazine and went to her website.  There I viewed a YouTube clip of her DVD and found more inspiration in those few minutes of instruction than I had in the entire other workouts I had purchased.  I ordered Maha's DVD direct from Australia and within days of its arrival, my back was pain-free and I was enjoying the fluidity of movement that I was looking for - even with a burgeoning 8-month pregnant belly!  

What I learned from Dance of the Womb got me through a difficult and extremely long birth.  Thirty-six hours of back labor passed remarkably quickly as I swayed and rotated my hips, and the focus and freeing sensation these movements gave allowed for a medication-free delivery.  I am eternally grateful to Maha for this experience!  I was anxious to share the program with others before Claire's birth, but afterward it was an absolute must.  

I look forward to hearing many more stories like mine.  Wishing you a happy, healthy, deeply fulfilling pregnancy and birth!

Emily (& Claire)

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