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Dance of the Womb DVD -- Reviews

Dance of the Womb has received glowingly positive reviews from obstetricians and other birthing professionals. Many of these expert reviews have appeared in respected birthing magazines and blogs. Here are a few of the reviews:

  • "Dear Maha,   Your belly dance book and DVD are simply wonderful. I have mentioned them in the revised edition of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, which will be released in June 2010. You have done the world a huge service with this work. And the production values on the DVD are outstanding!"
      --Christiane Northrup, MD
  • "From a medical perspective, Dance of the Womb is a beautiful journey toward our expression of the feminine, which is lovingly expressed by Maha Al Musa as she dances her way through her own pregnancy and birth. Her joyous telling of this process enables women to regain what has been lost of our ancient heritage and find our inner nature and abilities. Watching then performing the gentle rhythmical movements shown by Maha can enhance muscle strength and flexibility, helping a woman to align her baby in her pelvis and encouraging pelvic muscle relaxation and blood flow. The active and passive components of the gentle dances help pelvic floor toning, which assists in the birthing process and reduces injury. As well, the confidence gained using these natural calming movements enhances self esteem and respect and love of our bodies as well as increased joy in birthing, our babies, and our femininity. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and love Maha.
      --Dr Debbie Mortimer, Medical Practitioner, Mullumbimby NSW.
  • "Dance of the Womb relaxes your mind. A relaxed mind can embrace change, deal with pain, open to new states and mostly surrender. Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are all about surrender. When we surrender we open a space for something new to happen. When you let go of stress there is a space for something to flow in......peace."
      Angela Fitzgerald, Mother and Doula

Dance of the Womb DVD -- Testimonials

What expectant mothers are saying about the Dance of the Womb DVD Set and belly dancing during pregnancy:

  • "After my first bellydance session I was totally amazed at the results. I have been to the chiropractor weekly for the last six weeks with heavy lower back pain. After bellydancing my back felt totally free of pain. I feel incredible. Thank you. Bellydancing makes me feel flexible, flowing and round."
      --Mary, 41 years, 20 weeks pregnant with baby no. 6.
  • "When I bellydance I feel free - in my body and in my mind. The movements connect me to my body, heart and soul allowing me to experience the openness of my pelvis and my inner knowing."
      --Natasha, 32 years, 38 weeks pregnant.
  • "Bellydancing frees up a part of me that I didn't even know was there. It also feels so nurturing toward the baby - a little conversation between the two of us."
      --Bron, 35 years, 27 weeks.

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