Dance of the Womb, BOOK

Dance of the Womb, BOOK

All women stepping into the birthing arena freely need vital information on how to experience a safe and natural birth.

'Dance of the Womb' is a gorgeous, 280 color page book detailing the enormous benefits of using the movements of belly dance as a birth dance. It instructs a woman on how to make use of this ancient wisdom to ease and empower your passage to motherhood.

'Dance of the Womb' is more than just a detailed instruction manual for exercise in pregnancy.  It is also a beautifully crafted story of Maha's life interwoven with the details of each belly dance movement. The dance movements and their spiritual, emotional and physical application in turn serve to illustrate Maha's experiences on her journey from maiden to mother. Maha describes the art of the belly dance as a bridge between East and West and encourages women to apply their innate feminine intelligence into the act of giving birth. She positively encourages women to follow this thread colorfully woven through her own powerful stories. 'Dance of the Womb' is a practical manual as well as a deeply personal and inspiring tale.

Vendor: Maha al Musa

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